Fanø Vesterhavsbads Golfklub, FVG, was established in 1948 by visitors who every summer played the old links course.

The course was established as early as 1898 following Scottish traditions, and it is the oldest course in Denmark.

Further information on the course can be found on www.fanoe-golf-links.dk.

Members of FVG are today mainly local inhabitants and owners of the surrounding summerhouses, but also visitors to the island who year after year enjoy playing the old links course.

On this site you can find information - in Danish unfortunately – on the activities of the club, membership fees, training opportunities, etc. During the year (May – October) the club offers several turnaments that are open for visiting golfers.

The secretariat of the club is situated at Fanø Golflinks, Golfvej 5, 6720 Fanø. You can contact the secretariat on e-mail: fvg@fanonet.dk or by phone: +45 21294249